Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Building up Readers

This school year, we are gearing up for many great opportunities to grow as readers and learners!  Our theme for our library program this year is:

Throughout the school year, our learners will be able to have many opportunities to grow in their reading abilities as well as their love for reading.  We are so excited to plan out learning opportunities for all of our learners to be engaged and grow!

Stay tuned to learn about what we will be doing in the weeks to come. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Challenge Completed!

We begun our Caldecott Challenge in January and finally completed it this past Friday.  We are very excited to announce that 19 classes in our school completed the challenge and will now participate in viewing a Caldecott based movie!  The most exciting part of this challenge was seeing all of our students come in every day asking for the Caldecott books.  Our kids have gained a great appreciation for these wonderful books! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Parent Book Club & Career Day

This past week, was full of amazing opportunities for learning at Delco Library.  We begun the week with our awesome parent book club.  We continued to read through Esperanza Rising and got to share some amazing reading connections.  We even enjoyed some knitting!

Our kids also got an opportunity to participate in a learning-filled Career Day!  We had presentations by many awesome community members and our kids really enjoyed all the action.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebrations and New Things @DelcoReads

Wow!  This past week was full of great activities and accomplishments at our library... First off, we celebrated our Delco All Star Readers as they reached 25% of their AR goal!  We are very proud of their work! 

This week we decided to launch a Black History Month initiative with all of our students.  We had the opportunity to see the BrainPop movie on Martin Luther King and then all students were invited to come to the library and create their own Diversity Snowflake!

One new thing that we had the opportunity to begin at delco was our very firt Delco Parent Book Club!  It was so much fun... we still have a few sessions to go and a lot more to learn!
We are reading Esperanza Rising!

We still have a few spots available... come this week and join us!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ronald McDonald Visit

We were so excited to have a wonderful visit from Ronald McDonald this past week.  Our Kindergarten students were delighted to see the array of magic treats that he shared. 
It was such joy to see the faces of our students when they first caught sight of Ronald balancing two books with one hand.
When he called for the first volunteer, many hands went up and one of our little ones was selected to select a card... Ronald didn't have a lot of "luck" guessing the card, but those he did select magically spelled the word HORSE (which was the card!)

The second volunteer helped Ronald spell out the name of the place where one can access many books...  Can you guess what that word was?  Yep... LIBRARY
He then went on to tell the story of a family who got stranded on an island and only had books.  They sent a message on a bottle that said, "SEND MORE BOOKS!" 
He then, went to read the wonderful book Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown.  The kids really enjoyed the story. 
At the end, he selected one final student to assist him and as they worked together they created a magical attire.  This was a very fun experience for all of our students, to say the least!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Caldecott Challenge

For the month of January and February, our students at Delco Primary will be focusing on completing a school-wide Caldecott Challenge.  We are kicking of this challenge through a lesson in the library where we learn all about the Caldecott award.  Our second grade students have the opportunity to take on this challenge individually by reading at least 9 from the list.  Teachers in the entire campus have been challenged to read at least 15/20 books and to mark them off on their handy poster.

Our Kindergarten students had an awesome opportunity to compare and contrast between a fiction and non-fiction book as they enjoyed Kitten's First Full Moon written by Caldecott winner Kevin Henkes.

In our first grade lesson, our students had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the 2014 Caldecott Winner and Honor books.  The kids really enjoyed all of the wonderful illustrations.
Afterwards, they had the opportunity to read Officer Buckle and Gloria by Caldecott Award winner Peggy Rathmann and to generate their own safety tips. 

Congratulations to Ms. Dupont's and Ms. Ham's class for being the first classrooms to complete the challenge.  We are excited and will keep you updated on our progress!